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How To Make Money in Nigeria Trading Bitcoin

Today, I want us to look at a very important topic "How to trade bitcoin". To trade btc simply means a process of buying and selling btc using some platforms known as currency exchangers. I am sure by now you already know about ecurrency exchangers. I really do not want to bore you with theories here but ecurrency exchangers are people (business men and women) who are into buying and selling of electronic and digital currencies such as Paypal, Perfect money etc & cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (btc), The Billion Coin (TBC), Ethereum, etc. As a recap of my earlier post, bitcoin popularly called btc for short is a cryptocurrency created in 2010 by a man named Satoshi, just like any digital currency, it is used for exchange as well as payment of goods and services To get the current price of bitcoin, simply visit www.google.com and type "1 bitcoin to USD" this will give you the current exchange rate of bitcoin to dollar. A good example are BDC Mallams who buy and sell physical money such as Dollar, Euro, Pounds at Hausa Quarters, I'm sure you know them.

how to make money in Nigeria buying and selling bitcoin on remitano

I need to also inform you that unlike Bureau De Change, there is absolutely no risk of fake currency note whereby you buy dollar and later find out that it is fake but is a greater risk of loosing your hard earned money if care is not taken.

There are many ecurrency exchangers operating in Nigeria that you can easily approach to buy your bitcoin from and the bitcoin value will be transferred to your wallet. Some of the exchangers includes; Naira4Dollar, Nairaex, Remitano, etradexchange, Nairaswitch, Instantgold, Bitssa.com, LocalBitcoins, Luno and many more. Out of the ones I listed above, I have only used Nairaex, Luno and Remitano but so far Remitano is my best bet.

Why Remitano?

I chose them for a couple of reasons, 24hrs availability, fast transaction and security. Remitano is also very easy to use as simple as create an account, buy and the money is in your wallet and when you are ready to sell, just transfer to Remitano and in less than 15minutes your Naira is already in your bank account.

Watch the youtube video below to what I mean

In fact all you need to login to Remitano at every point in time is your email address. Now let us look at the steps to trade bitcoin buying and selling on remitano.

Steps to Buy Bitcoin on Remitano Platform

To be able to buy and sell bitcoin and other currencies on Remitano, you will need to register. Visit https://remitano.com/ng?ref=iykestar to register a free account. After that login to your email for further instructions. After registration, all you need to do is visit the website above, enter your email address and a login link will be emailed to you, login to your email and click the login link to access your account. This must be done within 15

minutes else you will be timed out and will be required to start afresh.
Now you are logged in, follow the steps below.

- Find 1 seller from "List of sellers" and click [Buy]
- Fill in your Bitcoin Address and the Amount you want to buy and click on [Buy BTC] to open the trade.
- Pay the seller as instructed.
- Press the [I have paid seller]. You will lose money if you don't do this.
- Wait for the seller to confirm. Seller usually confirm within 5-10 minutes.

Never Cancel the trade if you already paid.

Steps to Sell your Bitcoin on Remitano Platform

  •  Find one buyer from the "List of buyers" and click [Sell]
  •  Fill the Amount of bitcoin you want to sell and click on [Sell BTC] to the trade.
  •  Fill out your payment details.
  • Transfer the Bitcoin to the address provided in the transaction (This is the intermediate Bitcoin address, used to ensure the safety of transactions.)
  • Wait for the buyer to transfer money and click on [I have received payment] to release bitcoin for buyer.


What is a Wallet and How Do You Get One?

 A wallet just as the name suggests is a digital bank account where you store your digital money. Most if not all of the exchangers listed above have their respective wallets and will be allocated to you as soon as you register with them. Also 

you can get your wallet from Blockchain @ https://blockchain.info/wallet and you are good to go.

In my next post, I will be exposing for free a tested and proven system that pays you 1% of your bitcoin balance everyday. 

Will that make sense to you? I am sure it will but before then feel free to ask any questions using the comment box and I will be glad to respond accordingly.

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