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10 Things That Will Make You Succeed in Network Marketing

In recent times, there has been a great paradigm shift from traditional marketing to Multi Level Marketing (MLM) otherwise known as Network Marketing. More companies are beginning to realize the power of pushing their products/services through 

Network Marketing and more people all over the world especially Nigerians and Africans generally are beginning to realize the 

great wealth realizable through this industry are constantly seeking information as to which Network Marketing company they 

should patronize. These people are everywhere; in our offices, churches, mosques, street etc even more people on Facebook, 

Twitter and other social networking sites reason why Robert Kiyosaki called it the business of the 21st century. However, 

while only a few people are seen to be succeeding in this industry, many others are simply running from one company to 

another with excuses of looking for a company with better compensation plan. This is totally wrong! Most MLM companies have 

great compensation plans, the problem is NOT them but YOU.

Today, I want to share with you 10 peculiar and vital things you need to succeed in any Network marketing business you are in be it Alliance in Motion Global, Swissgolden, Herbal Life, Helping Hands International, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Oriflame, Avon, Amyway etc.

10 Vital Things You Need to Succeed in MLM Business

1. Vision

Every Successful entreprenuers have a habit of vision, of seeing things before they occur and their vision directs their 

behaviour. In Network Marketing, too many people imagine obstacles instead of imagining an incredible future. They imagine 

rejection, so they don’t get started. Most of what we worry about never happens, but we imagine it and create the self-

fulfilling prophecy in our organizations. One of the most powerful forces on earth is your imagination; make sure you 

imagine success! When your vision gets strong enough and focused, it will pull you toward success. 

2. Belief

I have had opportunity to interract with top earners in this industry and.....The best advice these superstars say they’d 

give to new Entrepreneurs is this: Believe bigger, faster. 

Once you believe, good things start to happen. You have to have faith that good things will happen for you. When your faith 

gets strong, it will translate into hope, and then into belief. 

Top earners in MLM industry believe bigger than anybody else, and their belief is unshakable. Believe in what you can 

achieve through this campaign, how it will transform your life, how you can impact life through it and what it  can do for you. Believe in the power of duplication and believe in the profession. That will propel you to use the SYSTEM

3. Simplicity

In a world that’s distracted by a million things; social media, friends, email, text messages— simplicity is an art form. 

Trainers seem to come up with new systems every day. When it comes to Becoming an entrepreneur, simplicity is crucial. 

If you get distracted by different methods, you end up with complicated systems.

And if you complicate things, business growth will stop, because a confused mind freezes.

Simplicity is the oxygen of duplication in your life as an Entrepreneur.

4. Positivity

Superstars focus on positivity. They don’t understand negativity a way of life, but they understand it’s very dangerous. 

Superstars edify their company, upline, service, and the people who are doing what’s right. They spend their time 

understanding that positivity is like the fertilizer in the ground to help seeds grow.
If you allow negativity to spend too much time in your presence, it will infect your organization, crush the simplicity you 

have in place, and diminish the vision somebody has for their future.

5. Hard Work

Most people consider “work” a four-letter word. People live their whole lives pining for the day they can retire and stop 

going to work but Entrepreneur superstars don’t view work as a challenge; they view work as an opportunity to fulfill their 

purpose, to contribute to the world, to grow as a person, to help other people. They work hard, but they’re not unhappy; 

they’re the happiest people I know, they’re building their passion. This is what separates the leaders from the average 


6. Focus

Superstars are not easily distracted. They have a vision and are single-minded in building their business. 

Their vision causes them to focus totally on their objective, goal, mission—on building their empire. Because they have 

belief, they’re focused. Their focus helps them keep it simple and creates consistency and persistence. Focused leaders 

simply can’t be distracted.

7. Convinced & Committed

No one can convince a superstar that network marketing isn’t the absolute best option for a person who is entrepreneurial. 

No one can convince them that their system, their simple focus, should be complicated. 

When it comes to being positive, working hard, and their belief system, they’re unreasonable—they are unshakable.

An uncommitted person conforms to the world around them. They want to get along, so they follow along. The committed person 

asks the world to conform to their point of view. 
And progress depends on the committed & convinced people.

8. Promotion

Top earners are promoters; they understand the speed of the leader is the speed of the pack. 

They promote their company convention and bring guests. They promote new products, and a simple daily method of operation.

They promote their vision, belief system, and the value of hard work. They lead by example, they’re not waiting for the 

company to make an announcement, or for their upline leadership to inspire their team.

Superstars take the lead, and promote with white-hot belief. They promote Company's event, people and products.

They’re strategic about how they travel, what they talk about, how they train, and how they promote.

They understand that how they show up is going to either plant seeds of doubt or inspire confidence in people’s minds. 
At their convention, they’re on point and strategic about what they’re going to be doing, what they will communicate, and in 

their recognition.
You can't make people BELIEVE what you DON'T believe in

10. Consistency

Entrepreneurs understand the goldmine in being CONSISTENT

Keep it steady, and steady, and steady. 

In MLM, he who Rocks and Runs may Not live to Rock another day. Truth is if you are not consistent in anything you do, you are bound to fail. In MLM, overtaking is allowed. Keep pushing and you will succeed

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