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Alliance in Motion Global Review

Alliance in Motion Global also known as aim global for short markets and distributes the very best in food supplements by Premium Blend Beverages and Nature’s way USA. If you are a person who is looking forward to ensure your health and well being without experiencing any side effects, you need to take a look at the services offered by them. The only company to be accredited by Nature’s way and exclusive distributorship for direct sales in the Philippines is solely handled by AIM Global. The Direct Sales MLM Company was founded by Francis Miguel, Dr. Eduardo Cabantog and John Asperin in September 2005 and their aim has always been to provide their customers with good quality products and services. 




To open the doors of opportunity and prosperity by empowering our distributors to achieve financial independence and economic stability by maximizing the wealth of the market thru our breakthrough products and services.


To provide unmatched innovation and quality distribution of outstanding products and services to local, regional and global markets.

Alliance in Motion Global Products:

AIM Global distributes and sells various products ranging from food supplements, herbal medicine to cosmetics, body care and much more. Find below some categories of products distributed by alliance in motion global Inc.

·         Liven coffee (original)
·         Liven coffee (Latte)
·         Liven coffee (Cappuccino)
·         Liven coffee (Sugar Free)
·         VIDA cardiovascular drink
·         Alkaline chocolate drink

Nutritional Supplements:
·         Restore life
·         Slim and trim
·         KIDDI 24/7 Nutragammies
·         C 24/7 Nature-Ceuticals
·         Complete Phyto-Energizer
·         Choleduz Omega Supreme

Nutritional Cosmetics:
·         Perfect White
·         White Light

·         Feminine wash
·         Masculine wash
·         NaturaCentials Toothpaste
·         NaturaCentials whitening soap
·         Coffee Scrub/Mask
·         Strawberry Face Scrub
·         Instant White Body Lotion
·         Antioxidant Facial Toner
·         Anti-Ageing Oxygen Bar

Becoming a Distributor

Some of the questions I have been asked especially by my Facebook friends is; how do I become a distributor of Alliance in Motion?
AIM Global offers individuals the chance to become distributors which directly enables them to profit from all the services and products available. This opportunity is available to everyone interested in building a home business irrespective of their country, it gives you an opportunity to build a residual business that guarantees you make steady income just by referring people to join the business. Research has shown that apart from the Philippines, the company has a very strong presence in Africa with over 80% of active distributors in Alliance Global Nigeria.
Currently, aim global has three (3) packages through which anyone interested in joining the business can access namely:

Global Starter Package: This package known as starter pack allows you become a member of aim global by making a one-time registration fee of $190 (#70,000). When you make payment to the company, you will be given the company’s products worth the amount you paid and this qualifies you to earn commissions and bonuses from the company’s sales.

Entrepreneur Package: This package according to the company is for distributors who wish to take it up as a full time business. With this package, you have the privilege of earning in multiple ways. This package comes with a cost of $570 (#210,000)

 International Business Package: This package is exclusively for high-flyers who want to build an international business with the company. With this package, you have a rare opportunity of growing faster and become a global ambassador to Aim Global. This registration fee for this package is $1330 (#490,000).
All the packages above comes with different products worth the registration fee paid. 

Alliance in Motion Global Nigeria

AIM Global currently has a very strong presence in Nigeria than any other country in Africa with business centers across different States of the federation. It may also interest you to know that some Nigerians have also made the list of global top earners .

Compensation Plan

Even if you are from the moon or Jupiter, I am pretty sure you have heard of compensation or marketing plan. The compensation plan of any company seeks to expose what you are capable of earning by becoming part of the company and Alliance in Motion allows her distributors to earn in six 6 different ways.
1. 25% Retail profit - You can get up to 25% retail bonus when you invite people to use the company's products.

2. Referral Bonus - Each time a new distributor joins the business through you, you earn #5000

3. Matching Bonus - Matching bonus of N9,600 whenever you have a referral at the left and right side of your binary or an equivalent product purchase up to a maximum of N153,200 per day. One unique thing I see about aim global payment plan is you earn this N9,600 matching bonus whether the match comes from your direct referral or indirectly from anyone under your network of distributors.

4. Unilevel Income – As a distributor, you also earn 5% on monthly purchases of your direct referrals and their downline's purchases up to the 10th level.

5. Stair Step Plan (Overriding Commission)

  • Silver Executive – 10% overriding commission on your group’s sales volume. Achieved when the equivalent points of your group’s sales volume reached 10 points
  • Gold Executive – 20% overriding commission on your group’s sales volume. Achieved when the equivalent points of your group’s sales volume reached 100 points.

  • Global Ambassador – 30% overriding commission on your group’s sales volume. Achieved when the equivalent points of your group’s sales volume reached 1,000 points.

6. Royalty Income – 2% from any or all of your down line and his/her group’s sales volume who gets promoted to Global Ambassador. (GA)

Benefits of AIM Global Compensation Package:

  •  A 25% lifetime discount for all AIM global products for distributors only.
  • 24/7 real-time, internet based access to your personal account.
  • Have the privilege of independent distributing your own global business with six easy ways of making an income, through the AIM Global international expansion program.
A leader in American Herbal Medicine
Nature’s way has been at the forefront of herbal medicine in America for over 40 years now. Tom Murdock founded Nature’s Way in 1960 because of a personal obligation find a cure for his wife and a desperate need for alternative medicine methods. When conventional medicine failed to help her, they turned to traditional Native American medicine, which worked wonders for her and pioneered the legacy of Nature’s Way that exists today.

AIM Global Alive Foundation
Even though the company prides itself on providing consumers with the best nutritional supplements and business offers, one of their main objectives since the company’s inception was to be able to give back to society. They focus on three charitable foundations which are – street/abandoned children, elderly and natural disaster relief. AIM states that they are devoted to helping the needy and respond to the call of their fellow Filipinos in the wake of a crisis. Their aim with the Alive Foundation is to make a difference in society through determination and positivity.

As you can see, this company offers plenty of products and services, which people would need in order to ensure their overall health and well being. You can think about using these products or promoting the wellness associated with these products by becoming a distributor.

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